Expansion Sound Pack

by KookUp, Kavin

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This pack contains

115 Sound Files

1 Zip File (482 MB)

Various Genres and Styles

Tempo Labeled Samples

Audio Previews

Indirect 81BPM

Nostalgia 62BPM

Therapy 116BPM

Smoke 82BPM

Previews are tagged, the sounds in the pack you will receive come without the tag and riser.


EXPANSION is a sound pack created by KookUp and Kavin, made to fit the needs of any music producer. Whether you are searching for a strict sample pack to flip into beats or whether you are searching for a toolkit filled with percussion, textures, melody runs, guitar licks, etc. to make melodies on your own, EXPANSION has what you need.

The samples section contains 2 folders, the first being guitar loops with heavy trap influence containing dark loops made using nylon guitars (Takamine GC1-NAT) and melodic loops using electric guitars (PRS Standard 24 & Fender Stratocaster). The second folder contains full on compositions with intricate arrangement and carefully crafted instrumentation. The sound created with the live piano playing ability from Kavin meshed with the guitar and bass proficient style from KookUp combined to make compositions perfect for a multitude of genres and styles.

The "loop creation" section contains 4 folders of tools to create and enhance samples. The main folder are starters which are unfinished ideas (guitar, piano and bass) which can be used to start of a beat or sample of your own. This can very useful in cases where you lack inspiration or creativity to start an idea from scratch. The percussion loops are self-explanatory: loops to add percussion to your beats or samples to enhance the rhythm and movement. The "runs & licks" folder contains multiple short melody bursts and runs alongside guitar licks that can be used in various different ways. They can be flipped into full melodies or used with subtly as ear candy or even transitions. Last but not least, there is the "textures" folder which contains textures and ambience designed to be added in your samples for depth and character.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hear the sounds before I purchase?

Previews of the sound kits are on the product page.

Are samples royalty-free?

For selling online beat leases, you can choose to split the profits made from selling leases using these samples. For placements, you have to contact the creator of the sound pack to clear the sample (splits & credit). For drum sounds, 100% royalty-free.

How will I get my sound pack?

After you purchase a sound pack, you will be prompted to download the pack at the confirmation page. A download link will also be sent your email.